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Our customized workshops are the cornerstone of our business.


Custom Workshops Using LEGO Serious Play Methodology

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® can be used to solve tough complex business problems where there is no obvious answer. By having all members of the team contribute equally innovative, creative, and unique solutions are discovered.

Workshops can be used to find solutions to problems from communication to strategy to sales.  By the end of the workshop, your team will have a solution that everyone accepts and is committed to making it happen. The length varies from an afternoon to two days depending on the nature of the problem and the number of participants. The two day workshops are perfect for a corporate retreat.

To learn more about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®visit the official LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® site.


A LSP facilitated meeting is a more effective meeting for everyone involved. Each person must participate and shares their story meaning that no one person can dominate the conversation.

Untap Team Knowledge

Leaders don’t have all of the answers and people want to contribute to solving complex problems. Allowing everyone to contribute is more sustainable and use of LSP untaps the team’s knowledge.


Most major business problems have no definite right or wrong answer. LSP provides a method that breaks habitual thinking when the team needs to understand the big picture and explore potential solutions.


When the facilitated meeting is over, the team will have made a decision that everyone commits to because they will have felt heard and involved in making the decision.

The Values Incubator

Whether your team is suffering from disengagement, struggling to work together or you are looking to strengthen team bonds, the Values Incubator offers a team building experience with clear returns.

Strong actionable values cannot be decided by one or two people or by executive order. The more diverse voices involved the more unique and unexpected the outcome will be. By having your team determine what their shared values are together, team members feel empowered and engaged, and the values are more likely to be implemented and affect behavioural change.

Change & Improve your Culture

A shared set of core values gives your team a basis on which to judge their behaviour as well as the behaviour of their peers. Also, they give criteria by which to evaluate business decisions and processes. As a leader, you will receive a customized action plan for your team based on their shared values so that you can implement those values and initiate change.

Get the Whole TEam Involved

You do not need to be an actor or comedian to benefit from this workshop. The workshop calls for equal participation from all team members. The team develops communication skills that make for more effective business relationships.


Having a set of shared values that the whole team participated in defining makes it easier to grow an inclusive and positive corporate culture. Strong core values can also help in making strategic decisions, defining success, and solidifying one common vision for your team.

The Benefits of Improv

Improv warm-up exercises and games are fun, give people permission to be silly, and instills a sense of play. This allows for personal editors and barriers to be broken and brings out a desire to collaborate, increases focus, and opens up the possibilities for innovation and creativity.


We Put Design Thinking Principles First

Research & Analysis

Before we begin any work, we get to know you, your business, and your people. We work to understand all aspects of every project.

Roadmap planning

Based on your objectives and definition of success, we create a customized plan to deliver. This plan takes into account time and budget constraints.

Execute & Deliver

Once approved, we deliver exactly what was promised in our roadmap. We strive to not only meet the desired outcomes but to exceed them.

Client Testimonials

Trusted by Top Companies

After the workshop, the team felt inspired and uplifted because they had been open and honest with each other. I would definitely book another workshop because I trust that Lindsay will deliver an accessible and effective workshop and that the team will have another positive experience. Suzanne Decary

Director GTA Operations, CNIB

The Values Incubator Workshop was a great way for our team to step out of the day-to-day and have some fun while also doing some discovery around our shared values, and the things we find important in our daily work. We laughed, we learned about improv, and we walked away with the 3 values that we all share as a company – and with tips on how to strengthen and promote those values in the office everyday. I would recommend this workshop for any company that’s looking to strengthen their connections, and have a little fun along the way. Erin Bury

Managing Director, Eighty-Eight

Interactive Ontario reached out to Lindsay Ellis to facilitate a LEGO Serious Play workshop as part of our monthly iLunch series. We wanted to do something engaging and unique for a summer session. It was a great choice! We had a fantastic turnout and the feedback from our participants was very positive. Our session presented a challenge, as it brought together participants from 30 different companies. Lindsay met that challenge head on, thoughtfully crafting a workshop that asked useful and interesting questions. We can’t wait to do it again next year! Carly Beath

Program Director, Interactive Ontario

Lindsay delivered a workshop to an audience of high school students as part of ‘Girls Can Too‘ that was effective and easy to understand. She was encouraging, inspiring and made learning fun. The students felt empowered and inspired to take on their own business ideas. We would happily invited Lindsay back and would highly recommend her for any youth program.

Stephanie Parish

Program Coordinator, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

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